3rd Eye Pyramid Of Ra Gold Pendant

The 3rd Eye Pyramid Of Ra Gold necklace pendant is representative of the eye of Ra evolving up the pyramid toward a life of Consciousness.

The Eye Of Horus represents life and LIVING life. Our Eye Of Horus stretch hoodie dress is comfortable throughout all seasons.

Ankh Women's Handbag

Ancient Egyptian symbolism in today’s women’s fashion. The Ankh handbag is for those representing conscious living, and who do so in its most elegant fashion form.

Eye Of Horus Men's Stretch Hoodie

Representing Kemetic lifestyle with one of the most powerful symbols of Egypt, and consciousness today — the Eye Of Horus.

Organic Herbal Dietary Supplements

Health is wealth. Enhance your holistic diet, boost your immune system, and enrich your energy levels with 3volve brand organic herbal dietary supplements.


Are you evolving into a heightened state of consciousness? When you are, your entire life mode changes. However, you’ll need to strengthen your Third Eye with as much knowledge and understanding as possible. Raise your vibrations with the insight from our brand new blog — Eyevolving.

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